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Coaching Programs


All Go-Pro Sports football coaching programs are developed for varying age groups and requirements. From our youngest players to our oldest, we cater for all by making our coaching session’s fun.
Our methodology could be described as coaching by stealth as our aim is to make the sessions as enjoyable as possible so that players are not even aware of the coaching aspect as they are being entertained whilst learning. This can certainly be applied to our younger age groups and even our mid-range players. There are plenty of scientific reports suggesting that the learning curve is quicker if the individual is enjoying the subject- that is what Go-Pro Sports aims to achieve in all our sessions.



Go-Pro Football Academy’s Key Stage 1 (4-7 years old) coaching sessions will allow your child to work in a smaller, age and skill appropriate groups suited to their achievements and progress so far.
What is FUNdamentals?
The FUNdamentals foundation program offers your child the opportunity to experience football in a non-cognitive learning environment, unaware of the educational and technical benefits of working with the coach, as the emphasis is on FUN!
The curriculum of games and activities are designed to encourage your child to enjoy being active whilst increasing their awareness of the ball and the space they are working in.




Nuts n’ Bolts

What is Nuts n’ Bolts?

Children identified by the coaches in the FUNdamentals program, who have shown naturally higher ability and are further on in their football development than others in Key Stage 1, will be recommended to attend the Nuts n’ Bolts sessions.

These sessions are designed to focus on the more technical aspects of the game enabling your child to build on their progress. Nuts n’ Bolts sessions run alongside the FUNdamentals sessions allowing us to deliver appropriate content to children of all abilities.



Go-Pro Sports Football Academy pride ourselves on our ability to develop and improve each and every player that comes to us with a desire to achieve their goals.
Go-Pro’s recreational squads consist of players who simply enjoy the experience of playing football and prefer coaching in a more relaxed and entertaining environment. Our UEFA qualified coaches develop sessions which are fun but still have an underlying learning element.
We ensure that all training sessions involve both feet, to make you more balanced whilst opening up different options on the football field. All players work on passing (short and long), dribbling, and running with the ball, turning, defending and striking the ball.

Development Squads

Go-Pro Football Academy’s Development Squads are generally formed from our players who show the level of commitment, ability and aspiration to continue their football education to a potential college level.
These players should possess the technical skill and tactical knowledge appropriate to their age or above, in relation to the Go-Pro Curriculum and also make up the Go-Pro teams which compete in various leagues.


Go Pro Pathway (GPP)

Here at the Go-Pro Football Academy we place great value in the quality of coaching in the development of our young footballers. The coach is crucial to the development of our players and this is a relationship that should be founded upon continuity and consistency. It is vital to have the right coaches working with the right young players in the right environment.
As a Football Academy, we are in a fantastic position to offer those players who we feel require increased coach contact/consistency the opportunity to support and build their player portfolio, helping them track and evidence their development. This enables Go-Pro’s elite footballers to meet the international elite requirements for their age, on par with students at professional clubs in the UK.




It is widely acknowledged that a goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the field and any lack of concentration, indecision or small mistake can often lead to a goal being conceded and a game being lost.

At Go-Pro Football Academy we are looking to eradicate mistakes and work on player strengths and weaknesses with expert coaching from our goalkeeping specialist.

Our goalkeeping programme covers:

  • Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ)
  • Positional Sense & Awareness
  • Distribution (throws & kicks)
  • Command of your area
  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Fundamental skills (footwork, handling, diving catching and shot stopping)


Football Fit (Fitness & Conditioning)

There is a physical element to every sport and here at Go-Pro Football Academy we have recognised this. We feel fitness is just as important as technical ability and knowledge of the game, both at youth and adult level. It is our aim to work and develop on as many areas of football related fitness as possible.

Go-Pro Football Academy’s Friday morning sessions focus on activities and exercises to develop all of the key components of fitness including, aerobic/anaerobic cardiovascular workouts, circuit training, speed and agility movements and for the older players, weight training. We also concentrate on core work, supporting your upper and lower trunk.

We strive to improve football fitness so that you can maintain stamina and become physically stronger and quicker on the pitch. We at Go-Pro view these sessions as essential, not only to improve your whole-body fitness but also help prevent injury, improve biomechanics and strengthen weaker muscle groups.