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All eyes are now on the Go-Pro Sports App as the Go-Pro coaches are entering the latest assessment scores and new PPI’s or Personal Performance Indicators for this term. 

The Go-Pro Sports App, exclusive to Go-Pro Football Academy Players and the first of its kind in the regions was launched earlier this year and offers our players:

  • Breakdown of personal technical and fitness progression

  • GPP training tracker for performance review

  • Individual match report analysis

  • Step-by-step guide to improve performance through the Go Pro Curriculum

  • GPP video footage access

  • Direct access for scouts at pro clubs and US colleges

Go-Pro Football Academy in Dubai players have the opportunity to play in friendly and competitive matches against local and international teams. As a training and development football academy we ensure  that all  match reports are  entered into our squad players profiles, offering real-time critique and feedback and allowing open dialogue between players and coaches to ensure that each player is performing to the best of their ability and reaching their own personal goals.

Access to the Go-Pro Sports App is exclusive to Go-Pro players only.

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