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Football is a global game which ignites passion in all.

We should always remember that our attitude is contagious. The referees, the players, the coaches and the fans should come together to enjoy the sport. The other team is our opponent but not our enemy and thus should be treated with respect. Whilst winning is important, we recognize that playing well and fairly is the essence of the game.

We will set a good example to your child in his/her soccer development and ask you to do the same by adhering to the following at all times:


Go-Pro Parents/Guardians/Spectators agree to:


  • Encourage and help the player meet targets in his practicing, playing and schoolwork.

  • Positively support the player without pressure and praise their achievements.

  • Support the work of the coaching staff at Go-Pro Sports.

  • Set a good example to the player at all times.

  • Seek advice from the player’s coach/tutor when needed.

  • Communicate effectively with Go-Pro Sports, keeping them informed about all matters affecting the player.

  • Whilst we fully encourage your support on match days, please refrain from talking directly to the players during pre-match training and matches and stay in the spectators designated area.

  • Inform from Go-Pro Sports prior to participating in any match outside normal school/coaching hours. If the player is in the elite academy, these games should take priority and should not exceed 30 games per term*.

  • Respect the opportunity given to the player and the work of the Go-Pro coaching staff and please inform Go-Pro Sports if the player approaches, or is approached by any other training academy/football club during the period of their registration.


*Exceptions allowed under the FIFA Rules and Regulations governing Football Academy’s.

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