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The Go-Pro Sports Academy Code of Conduct is important to all young players, their parents and the staff at Go-Pro Sports Academy.

It contains guidelines and rules that:

  • Outline expectations

  • Ensure safety and fairness

  • Reduce conflict

  • Ensure high standards of discipline


It is a form of contract with expectations and responsibilities for all of those involved and should be read in conjunction with the child protection document. We hope to create a positive professional environment that will allow each player to maximize their potential as a footballer and develop into a responsible adult. Every member of Go-Pro Sports should aspire to levels of excellence, both in and away from training.


Go-Pro Sports agrees to provide:

  • A safe environment in which players can learn and develop without fear of abuse.

  • Sports injury monitoring, advice and support.

  • A training and development programme appropriate to the needs and ability to each individual.

  • An assessment, player profiling and feedback programme that will provide each individual with the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

  • An environment that will not tolerate any form of racial discrimination.

  • An environment that ensures players are treated equally and with the same respect, regardless of their ability.

  • Guidelines to the student and parent/guardians on the best ways for them to contribute to the player’s football and personal development.

  • Educational support (in conjunction schools) to ensure the continued academic and personal development of the student.

  • To adhere to the rules and UAE law governing the operation of Go-Pro Sports Academy LLC.


A Go-Pro player agrees to:

  • Attend the Go Pro Sports training sessions that they have registered for regularly and punctually.

  • Provide notice and reasons for any absences/lateness to the academy staff as soon as appropriately possible.

  • Immediately report any injury to the academy staff and remain under the care of a physiotherapist/GP until permission is given to resume training/playing.

  • Be responsible for their own behaviour at all times, with self-discipline, on and off the pitch.

  • Practice with enthusiasm the techniques and skills taught by Go-Pro Sports, make them an important part of a daily programme and attempt to apply them in matches.

  • Listen carefully to the information given to you by your coach.

  • Attend training/matches in the correct Go-Pro Sports kit, socks up and shin pads on.

  • Inform your Go-Pro coach prior to participating in any match outside normal school/coaching hours. If you are in the elite academy, as these games should take priority.

  • Be sporting and competitive in all games and treat team-mates, opposition, officials, coaches and parents with respect.

  • Follow a lifestyle appropriate to a professional athlete with good eating and drinking habits. Sleeping sensibly and staying hydrated is also an important part of your development (ideally recommended times before 9:30pm for junior pupils and before 10:30pm for secondary pupils).

  • Discuss any problems with parents initially. They may then recommend for you to speak to a member of the Go-Pro Sports coaching staff or your school PE teacher/tutor.

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