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Go-Pro Sports Football Academy based at DESC in Dubai is proud to be the ECA (Extra Curricular Activity) provider in several leading schools across Dubai.

Our football coaching programs are developed for varying age groups and requirements. From our youngest players to our oldest, we cater for all by making our coaching session’s fun.

Our methodology could be described as coaching by stealth as our aim is to make the sessions as enjoyable as possible so that players are not even aware of the coaching aspect as they are being entertained whilst learning. This can certainly be applied to our younger age groups and even our mid-range players. There are plenty of scientific reports suggesting that the learning curve is quicker if the individual is enjoying the subject- that is what Go-Pro Sports aims to achieve in all our sessions.

If you would like to learn more about how Go-Pro Sports can enhance your school sports program - please contact us HERE.


Go-Pro Football Academy’s Key Stage 1 (4-7 years old) coaching sessions will allow your child to work in a smaller, age and skill appropriate groups suited to their achievements and progress so far.


What is FUNdamentals?

The FUNdamentals foundation program offers your child the opportunity to experience football in a non-cognitive learning environment, unaware of the educational and technical benefits of working with the coach, as the emphasis is on FUN!

The curriculum of games and activities are designed to encourage your child to enjoy being active whilst increasing their awareness of the ball and the space they are working in.

Nuts n’ Bolts


What is Nuts n’ Bolts?

Children identified by the coaches in the FUNdamentals program, who have shown naturally higher ability and are further on in their football development than others in Key Stage 1, will be recommended to attend the Nuts n’ Bolts sessions.

These sessions are designed to focus on the more technical aspects of the game enabling your child to build on their progress. Nuts n’ Bolts sessions run alongside the FUNdamentals sessions allowing us to deliver appropriate content to children of all abilities.

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