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About Go-Pro

Who We Are

Go-Pro Sports Football Academy in Dubai was founded 5 years ago by Ex Manchester United Pro Kirk Hilton. After moving to Dubai 9 years ago with his family, Kirk saw that the standard of coaching available in the UAE at that time could be vastly improved. After working with other academies, he realised that his training as a UEFA B qualified coach, professionalism and the experience he had acquired through his own pro playing career could be utilised to set up a centre of football excellence in Dubai and Go-Pro Sports Football Academy was born.


Our Success Stories

“Go-Pro helped me get to the level I needed to be at, to play in the USA. Without Go-Pro I don’t think I would still be playing football but, because of their guidance I’m now going into my second year at Methodist University in North Carolina.” Alex Rabone, Goalkeeper

“Go-Pro has given me not only the extended training to further develop my football, but also the opportunity to attend Shattuck St. Mary’s school in Minnesota, USA which was crucial for my improvement. Go- Pro coaching staff are all highly qualified and motivated and are always aiming to push each individual to the maximum. I believe this aspect of GoPro’s training was instrumental to my progression over the time I attended the academy. Personally, I enjoyed every session, from the early mornings to the late afternoons as I was always challenged and it got me to the next step.” Scott Misslehorn, Defender

Being a part of The Go-Pro Academy for the past few years has been extremely helpful for me when deciding what I wanted to do in the future with my football career. Currently, I am looking into playing Division 1 football at a college in the States and am going into my last year at Shattuck St. Mary’s located in Minnesota, all thanks to Kirk and his team! This past year at Shattuck has been one of the most challenging, yet best years of my life and I am so grateful for all of the help that I received from the academy. Go-Pro has taught me that in order to get where you want and to get what you want in life, you have to put in the hard work early and have to really push yourself at certain times.” Hayley Moore, Defender

“I have been trained by Kirk Hilton for 7 years from the age of 9 at Go-Pro Academy. I thoroughly enjoyed every session I took part in at the academy and the coaches all helped me improve and develop a passion for the game that I wish to pursue a career in. During my time at the academy, with the high level of coaching, I learnt a large variety of football skills from attacking to defending as well as fitness sessions. For Go-Pro I participated in matches, leagues and tournaments which came with very successful results, thanks to a high level of coaching from the Go-Pro team.” Georgia Gibson, Midfielder, Sunderland Ladies FC

“I trained with Go-Pro for one year and Kirk and his dedicated coaches gave me a great platform to perform and train at a high level making my transition to Blackpool an easy one.” Isaac Sinclair, Blackpool Academy

“Go-Pro Sports is key to where I am today, it was the gateway to the best two years of my life at Shattuck St Mary’s School where I fell completely in love with the sport. I truly believe that this experience was as a result of the support and guidance that I received from the GoPro coaches. Whether it was Friday morning fitness, or the one on one training sessions, this allowed me to get further training from the best and play alongside some of the best players from around the world. In the fall I will begin my freshman year playing Division 1 Soccer at Florida Gulf Coast University. None of this could have happened without Go-Pro Sports and for that I am forever grateful.” Melissa Wilson, Defender

The Curriculum

What is the Go-Pro Sports Curriculum?

The Go-Pro Football Academy Curriculum is THE most effective and comprehensive player assessment tool in the UAE. It provides each player in our academy with holistic feedback tailored to their individual footballing ability.

Created and designed by our own Go-Pro UEFA certified coaches, specifically for player assessment and goal setting, it is the benchmark for measuring and demonstrating the progress of all players in our professional training environment.

Our football curriculum has been recognised internationally by a number of educational institutions and football academies, this has enabled several of our Go-Pro players to realize their ambitions and advance in their football careers.

Why have a Curriculum?

The Go-Pro Curriculum provides each of our players a strong foundation and reference for achieving individual goals. It enables every one of our coaches to tailor their sessions to meet the learning needs of every player under their tuition. More importantly, it enables players to set personal goals and accomplish them through small achievable steps.

How does the Curriculum work?

The assessment scale ranges from Level 1 (Beginner) to Level 5 (Professional). Each level has a 5 Star achievement ladder to allow for differentiated small-step progress.

Every player who joins Go-Pro Sports enters into the Player Performance Indicator (PPI) system of measuring progress. Players may enter the scale at any level based on their initial assessment. The PPI scale is unique in its design as it is gender specific and not based on the age of a player.

The levels are purely performance based and are therefore appropriate regardless of whatever age the player may be, or where they enter the scale (E.g. A player with a PPI Level 2.5 may be 9 years, 13 years or 17 years of age.)