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At Go-Pro Sports each and every football coaching program is developed in house using our UEFA and FA licenced coaches expertise. We cater for both boys and girls age 5 to 18 years, from grass roots level to elite players! 
Boys football training

Go-Pro Football Academy Dubai follows the academy structure and framework of UK professional clubs, however specifically adapted to meet the UAE school schedules and hectic timetables that our players often encounter.

As our range of programs cater for different age groups, Go-Pro Football Academy has a clear pathway for progression through those ages.


Starting with fun themed sessions for our very young players and culminating in our links to colleges and universities in the U.S. where, if the player has the talent, desire and perseverance, they will have the opportunity to gain scholarship educations whilst playing football at college or university level.

For our most Elite players we are able to, through our network of professional contacts in the UK, facilitate trials with academies of professional clubs.

Girls Football Coaching

Go-Pro Football Academy incorporates THE most successful girl’s academy in the UAE with multinational players aged 10 to 18 years old led by ex-professional player Jennifer (Jenni) Foster. Here at Go-Pro Football Academy we realise that there is a certain void in the UAE for girl’s football and we feel many girls are losing interest in the game due to little or no pathway. As with our boy’s academy, we now have strong links to colleges and universities in the U.S. where should our girls have the talent and interest, they will have the opportunity to gain a scholarship with free educational opportunities whilst playing football at a college or university level.

Go-Pro’s high level of professionalism looks to cater to each player’s individual needs and aspirations. We offer technical training, strength, conditioning and weekly fitness training for all of our girls.

Go-Pro Football Academy’s recreational coaching caters to girls who have little or no footballing experience and would like to learn the fundamentals, some knowledge and understanding plus the technical skills required for the game.

Go directly to our Go-Pro Girls Academy website 


U8 Squad

Go-Pro Sports Football Academy pride ourselves on our ability to develop and improve each and every player that comes to us with a desire to achieve their goals.

Go-Pro’s recreational squads consist of players who simply enjoy the experience of playing football and prefer coaching in a more relaxed and entertaining environment. Our UEFA qualified coaches develop sessions which are fun but still have an underlying learning element.

We ensure that all training sessions involve both feet, to make you more balanced whilst opening up different options on the football field. All players work on passing (short and long), dribbling, and running with the ball, turning, defending and striking the ball.



Boys Developmental Football Training.png

Go-Pro Football Academy’s Development Squads are generally formed from our players who show the level of commitment, ability and aspiration to continue their football education to a potential college level.

These players should possess the technical skill and tactical knowledge appropriate to their age or above, in relation to the Go-Pro Curriculum and also make up the Go-Pro teams which compete in various leagues.


Pathway (GPP)

UAE Football Squad.png

Here at the Go-Pro Football Academy we place great value in the quality of coaching in the development of our young footballers. The coach is crucial to the development of our players and this is a relationship that should be founded upon continuity and consistency. It is vital to have the right coaches working with the right young players in the right environment.

As a Football Academy, we are in a fantastic position to offer those players who we feel require increased coach contact/consistency the opportunity to support and build their player portfolio, helping them track and evidence their development. This enables Go-Pro’s elite footballers to meet the international elite requirements for their age, on par with students at professional clubs in the UK.

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